45th International Dexeus Forum: ART Towards the Future



This forum will update participants on the current knowledge in reproductive medicine with the key international leaders in the field of human reproduction and embryology.

On the agenda:

  • PATIENTS DIVERSITY IN MODERN HUMAN REPRODUCTION: Advanced maternal age: How does it affect reproductive outcomes?; Should increased BMI be a reason for delay ART?; Female cancer survivors: Fertility before and after treatment
  • DEBATE (Yes/No): Mild ovarian stimulation in poor responders
  • MODERNIZING OVARIAN STIMULATION: Luteal phase stimulation: Starting stimulating any day!; Progestin primed ovarian stimulation (PPOS): Let’s use some progesterone to control the ovaries; Individualized COS: Is there any role for pharmacogenomics to select ovarian stimulation strategies?
  • MODERNIZING EMBRYO CULTURE: Optimizing embryo culture: What are we missing?; Live session from the lab. From the theory to the practice
  • LUTEAL PHASE: Luteal phase deficiency in fresh and frozen embryo transfer cycle; Individualized LPS: Is it only a matter of a single P4 measurement?; Natural vs artificial ART cycles for frozen embryotransfers: Wider implications
  • IMPLANTATION: Recurrent implantation failure: Does it really exist, can we deal with it?; Why euploids embryos do implant: The embryologists view; Add-ons for embryo implantation: Should we eventually stop “cooking”?
  • DEBATE: Endometriosis and embryo implantation: We should operate before vs We should not
  • WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF ART: Artificial ovaries; In vitro ovarian activation: experimental or ready for the prime time?; Androgens and ovarian response: are we ready to hear the truth?; Spindle transfer: Is it new success story in the lab?
  • DEBATE: Chronic endometritis: Hysteroscopy & antibiotics is enough vs (R)evolution with the microbiome
and more

Venue: Auditorio AXA Convention Centre


October 20-22, 2022


Barcelona, Spain