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Are treatment results for eating disorders affected by ADHD symptoms? A one-year follow-up of adult females

European Eating Disorders Review, 05/03/2018

S vedlund NE, et al. - In a specialized eating disorder (ED) clinic, researchers ascertained the influence of self-reported Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms on recovery rate at 1-year follow-up in an unselected group of patients. They assessed 443 adult females with an ED with the ADHD Self-Report Scale for Adults (ASRS-screener), and for demographic variables and ED symptoms. Findings suggested a negative impact of a high degree of ADHD symptoms on recovery in ED. They recommended screening/diagnostic evaluation of ADHD in all loss of control over eating/bingeing/purging ED patients and studies of the effect of implementing ADHD-treatment strategies in this patient group.