2022 AASLD Emerging Topic Conference: Social Disparities in Chronic Liver Disease: From Diagnosis to Palliation to Transplant



On the agenda:

  • Telehepatology Beyong COVID-19 to Address Chronic Liver Disease Disparities
  • How Can You Use Your EMR to Influence Micro-System Health Disparities?
  • Harnessing Technology to Create Change at a Macro-system Level
  • Is Access to Care Predicated on Race/SES in Liver Disease?
  • Is There a Gender/Ethnic Variation in Etiology of Liver Disease?
  • How Does Health Literacy Influence Delivery of Care Throughout the Liver Disease Spectrum?
  • Is Race and Socioeconomic Status Associated with Admissions/Readmission in Patients with Liver Disease?
  • Evolving Disparities in the Diagnosis and Management of HCC and Biliary Tract Cancers
  • How Do We Eliminate Geographical Distance as a Barrier to Liver Transplant Access?
  • What are Strategies to Mitigate Bias in Palliative Care Referrals?
  • What are the Barriers in Palliative Care Referrals?
  • Models of Palliative Care Integration Within ESLD Care
  • Does Gender, Race/Ethnicity Play a Role in Waitlist Outcomes or Organ Allocation?
  • Does the MELD Score Disadvantage Gender and Minorities with Chronic Liver Disease?
  • Disparities in Asia/Europe/Latin America
11 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ - maximum

11 ABIM MOC points

Venue: Philadelphia Marriott Downtown


May 5-6, 2022


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107, United States