Social issues and common psychiatric comorbidities in HIV/AIDS patients

Sarah Anwar, MDLinx

American Psychiatric Association 2018 Annual Meeting

New York, New York, United States | May 05-09, 2018


New York, NY, May 11, 2018—Depression and anxiety disorders are common in many patients who are infected with HIV/AIDs, but clinicians must take the time to diagnose these, as patients may not be forthcoming about their HIV/AIDS diagnosis, according to Jordi Blanch, MD, PhD, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu, Unversitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Blanch spoke to MDLinx here at the here at the American Psychiatric Association 2018 Annual Meeting.

“In many cases, HIV is stigmatized, and so it’s difficult for people getting infected to speak about that even to the doctors or primary care physicians. It’s really a problem because of stigma,” Dr. Blanch said. “Most studies say that depression and mood disorders are most frequent disorders. But in my clinical experience, I see a lot of patients with anxiety disorders.”

In addition, he added that many studies also show that substance use disorders are also common.

Dr. Blanch noted clinicians should take some time searching for the possibility of depression and anxiety in patients with any marked physical changes in their appearance.