Medical Management of HIV/AIDS and COVID-19



This course will be offered via online livestreaming due to COVID-19 pandemic spread.

Presented by HIV, ID, and Global Medicine Division Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.

This course will provide the active intermediate-to-advanced clinician with a comprehensive review of the science of HIV and COVID-19 including an update on the application of HIV and COVID-19 therapies. For ambitious new clinicians who want a challenge, the organizers will still offer New Clinicians Track (NCT), which provides five additional lectures: Antiretroviral therapy 101 (ART), basic HIV pharmacology, ART resistance, and IRIS & opportunistic infections.

Course lecturers are leading clinicians and researchers who are also dedicated to teaching in their areas of expertise. Because COVID-19 pandemic has further amplified health disparities and the vulnerability of patients, transmission, diagnosis, treatment, unusual manifestations and communities at high-risk of COVID-19 will be covered thoroughly. Question and answer periods will continue each day along with a debate (Day 1) and panel (Day 3) dedicated to controversies in ART management (including PrEP). This format is designed so that participants can privately test their individual knowledge against the experts as the conference progresses.


December 10-12, 2020


Virtual Conference