Medical CBT Tools: Ten-Minute CBT Techniques for Real Doctors



This three-credits-per-hour workshop is for clinicians wishing to integrate more of CBT's tested tools into their daily work with general medical patients.

Veteran presenter Dr. Greg Dubord and CBT Canada faculty explain the key features of over 50 tools used to change patients' maladaptive beliefs and behaviors. Participants will then see step-by-step demonstrations of how to best integrate each tool into ten-minute medical appointments. Participants will gain familiarity and comfort with the tools through the coaching received while practicing in dyads.

This sleeves-up workshop emphasizes practical assessment tools, homework compliance enhancers, and change-oriented charting. The focus is on the most strategic interventions that can be integrated into routine 10-15 minutes clinical appointments.

This 12 hour workshop is accredited for 36 Mainpro+® credits (reciprocal agreement with the AAFP).


June 14-15, 2021


Virtual Conference