Cardiac dysfunction and arrhythmias 3 months after hospitalization for COVID‐19

Journal of the American Heart AssociationIngul CB, Grimsmo J, Mecinaj A, et al. | January 24, 2022


Studies have revealed variation in the extent of cardiac dysfunction post COVID‐19. Researchers herein sought for data on arrhythmic burden 3 to 4 months after hospital discharge among patients with COVID‐19.

  • A combined multicenter prospective cohort study and cross‐sectional case‐control study.

  • Patients with COVID‐19 were assessed 3 to 4 months after hospital discharge and were compared with matched controls with respect to their cardiac function.

  • There were a total of 204 patients with COVID‐19 (mean age, 58.5 years; 44% women), and 204 controls (mean age, 58.4 years; 44% women).

  • Participants with COVID‐19 had mildly impaired right ventricular function, and two times more common occurrence of diastolic dysfunction at 3 months after discharge with COVID‐19.

  • Little evidence was gained in support for an association between cardiac function and intensive care treatment, dyspnea, or fatigue.

  • Although common, clinical importance of ventricular arrhythmias could not be determined .

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