Efficacy of heparinoid cream containing pseudo-ceramide for remission of atopic dermatitis

Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational DermatologyMatsuoka M, Okoshi K, Ito S, et al. | December 08, 2021


In this study, a formulation containing heparinoid and pseudo-ceramide that forms a lamellar structure was developed for use during atopic dermatitis (AD) remission. This cream was tested and it was found that it may inhibit allergen penetration and also led to improved skin properties during the remission period. Therefore, this formulation is appropriate for use during the AD remission period.

  • This study included 17 AD patients; they applied a cream consisting of 0.3% heparinoid and pseudo-ceramide (test cream group, n = 10), or a general cream consisting of 0.3% heparinoid (control cream group, n = 7) to their arm for four weeks after inducing remission with the application of a steroid cream for two weeks.

  • In vitro, significant inhibition of the penetration of V8 protease was caused by the test cream vs the control cream.

  • Based on AD severity score by dermatologists, the effects remission maintenance was comparable between the test cream group and the control group.

  • A significantly increased skin hydration value was achieved with the test cream vs the control cream.

  • The test cream group showed a significant decrease in transepidermal water loss, an indicator of skin barrier function, vs the control cream group.

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