How well do amphetamine extended-release tablets work in adults with ADHD?

The Journal of Clinical PsychiatryScott Cunningham MD PhD, et al. | July 21, 2022



Amphetamine extended-release tablets have a positive impact on adults with ADHD, who have a strong preference for a medication with a rapid onset and long duration of effect.

The study participants, 18-60 years of age (n=91), received daily doses of amphetamine extended-release tablets in a 5-week forced-dose titration protocol beginning with 5 mg in the morning, then 20 mg the last 2 weeks.

Efficacy and safety were monitored weekly.

The mean Permanent Product Measures of Performance post-dose total scores at the specified time points (30 min-14 h) were significantly higher in the group that received amphetamine extended-release tablets than placebo.

The side effects were mild-to-moderate in severity (loss of appetite, insomnia, and dry mouth).