Presentation and survival by hormonal receptor status in metaplastic breast cancer: A propensity score-matched analysis

The BreastWang S, Hu J, Zhang Y, et al. | October 13, 2021


Propensity-score matching (PSM) analysis revealed that hormone receptor (HR) status was not related to a better prognosis in metaplastic breast cancer (MBC). Chemotherapy (CT) did not hold significance as a prognostic factor. However, CT might be beneficial for HR-positive MBC patients with high risk.

  • This is a retrospective analysis of 3,116 patients with MBC from the SEER database, CT was received by approximately 62.5 % of patients, and 23.0 % of cases were HR-positive.

  • There was no association of HR status with a better prognosis, and the multivariable Cox regression model showed no benefit of CT in MBC.

  • CT was beneficial for HR-negative MBC with intermediate-risk, and CT also benefited HR-positive MBC patients with intermediate and high risk.

  • Following PSM, neither CT nor HR status was not associated with better breast cancer-specific survival.

  • CT could only confer improved survival in HR-positive MBC patients with high risk.

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