The characteristics and prognosis of heart failure associated with chemotherapy for early breast cancer: a population-based matched cohort study

Canadian Journal of CardiologyAbdel-qadir H, Tai F, Croxford R, et al. | October 21, 2021


In women developing heart failure (HF) associated with early breast cancer (EBC) chemotherapy, the characteristics and prognosis were studied and compared with cancer-free women who suffered HF due to other etiologies.

  • A population-based retrospective cohort study of 804 women who received chemotherapy for EBC.

  • Among participants, HF occurred after anthracyclines in 312, post-trastuzumab in 112, or after sequential therapy in 380.

  • There were fewer comorbidities in women experiencing HF after cardiotoxic EBC chemotherapy vs cancer-free women with HF.

  • A better prognosis was seen in trastuzumab-treated women who develop HF vs matched HF controls.

  • Cardiovascular death at 5 years was 2.9% in the anthracycline-HF cohort (9.5% in controls) and 1.7% for females developing HF post-trastuzumab (4.3% for controls).

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