Association between oral health and cardiovascular outcomes in patients with hypertension: A nationwide cohort study

Journal of HypertensionKim J, Kim HJ, Jeon J, et al. | January 13, 2022


In prior studies, either directly or indirectly, oral hygiene is correlated with systemic inflammation, one of the essential mechanisms of cardiovascular disease. Researchers herein examined if there is any correlation of oral hygiene with the risk of cardiovascular diseases in hypertensive patients.

  • From the Korean National Health Insurance Service-National Health Screening Cohort between 2003 and 2004, researchers retrieved data of 52,677 hypertensive participants who completed oral health checkups.

  • Primary outcomes developed in a total of 3,292 participants [stroke (n = 2,430), myocardial infarction (n = 862)] during the 11.26 ± 2.39 years (mean ± standard deviation) of the study follow-up.

  • There appeared an independent association of participants with dental caries (≥ 5) with occurrence of a primary outcome.

  • Lower risk of primary outcomes was observed in significant correlation with frequent tooth brushing (≥ 2 times/day).

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