The association between cataract and sleep apnea: A nationwide population- based cohort study

Journal of Clinical Sleep MedicineLiu PK, Chang YC, Wang NK, et al. | October 15, 2021


Patients with sleep apnea (SA) carried a significantly higher risk for developing cataract, therefore, awareness regarding this ophthalmic complication is required among physicians caring for patients with SA.

  • Using the Taiwan National Health Insurance Database, this 18-year nationwide retrospective population-based cohort study was conducted.

  • Suspected SA cohort with 6,438 patients was matched with 32,190 controls (control A cohort), including 3,616 patients in the SA cohort matched with 18,080 controls (control B cohort).

  • The SA cohorts showed significantly higher incidence rates of cataract, vs corresponding control cohorts, post-adjustment for age, gender, residency, income level, and comorbidities.

  • SA conferred an independent risk for incident cataract (adjusted hazard ratio [95% confidence interval]: 1.4 [1.2–1.6]).

  • In SA patients, independent risk factors for incident cataract included elder age, heart disease, chronic pulmonary disease, and diabetes.

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