Recent global burden of cervical cancer incidence and mortality, predictors, and temporal trends

Gynecologic OncologyHe WQ, Li C, et al. | October 22, 2021


The recent temporal trends in cervical cancer incidence and mortality were investigated by country and age.

  • Data from Global Cancer Observatory 2020 were retrieved for 185 countries to determine current cervical cancer incidence and mortality.

  • For trend analysis, joinpoint regression was done using estimated age-standardized rates (ASR) and average annual percentage changes (AAPC) from cancer registries for up to 53 countries through 2018.

  • Globally, there appeared wide variations in cervical cancer.

  • Most of the countries continuously showed a declining or a stable mortality due to cervical cancer.

  • The highest rates of incidence and mortality were recorded in East Africa.

  • The incidence and mortality of cervical cancer showed a positive correlation with human papillomavirus, human immunodeficiency virus infection and a negative correlation with cervical cancer screening coverage.

  • There was increasing trend in incidence from more countries, especially among younger women.

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