Maternal and neonatal complications in women with congenital heart disease: A nationwide analysis

European Heart JournalLammers AE, Diller GP, Lober R, et al. | October 15, 2021


The pregnancies in women with congenital heart disease (CHD) were analyzed to describe maternal and neonatal complications and outcomes linked with these pregnancies.

  • Analyzing administrative data from one of the largest German Health Insurance Companies (BARMER GEK, ∼9 million members representative for Germany), researchers retrieved data of 7,512 pregnancies occurring in 4,015 women with CHD.

  • A total of 6,502 women with 11,225 pregnancies were included in the matched non-CHD control group.

  • Outcomes revealed a reassuringly low maternal mortality rate in this highly developed healthcare system.

  • However, women with ACHD and their offspring exhibit significantly increased maternal morbidity and neonatal morbidity/mortality when compared with non-ACHD controls emphasizing the necessity for specialized care and pre-pregnancy counselling.

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