Dermatoscopy of nodular/plaque-type primary cutaneous T- and B-cell lymphomas: A retrospective comparative study with pseudolymphomas and tumoral/inflammatory mimickers by the International Dermoscopy Society

Journal of the American Academy of DermatologyErrichetti E, Geller S, Zalaudek I, et al. | November 10, 2021


Dermatoscopic clues are exhibited by nodular/plaque-type primary cutaneous lymphomas (PCLs). These clues could partially differ by histologic subtype and their diagnostic significance relies on the considered clinical differential diagnoses.

  • There exists limited data regarding dermatoscopy of nodular/plaque-type T-/B-cell PCLs.

  • This is a retrospective, multicenter case-control analysis of 261 lesions (121 PCLs and 140 controls).

  • In multivariate analysis, orange structureless areas most strongly predicted PCL dermatoscopically, vs tumors and noninfiltrative inflammatory dermatoses.

  • A positive link was identified between PCLs and either unfocused linear vessels with branches or focal white structureless areas vs infiltrative inflammatory dermatoses, whereas white lines predicted PCLs over pseudolymphomas.

  • Vascular pattern differed between B- and T-cell PCLs and among B-cell PCL subtypes.

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