The risk factors of stri̇ae gravidarum and chloasma melasma and their effects on quality of life

Journal of Cosmetic DermatologyTürkmen H, Yörük S, et al. | January 19, 2022


Researchers investigated the risk factors linked with striae gravidarum (SG) and chloasma melasma (CM) and their effects on the quality of life.

  • This descriptive and cross-sectional study involved 1,000 pregnant women at 36 weeks of gestation and above.

  • SG was prevalent in 67.9% (n = 679), and CM was prevalent in 23.5% (n = 235).

  • Findings indicated the following as risk factors for SG: young age, low education level, high BMI, history of SG in previous pregnancy and family history of SG.

  • The risk factors for CM included the history of CM in the previous pregnancy and the family.

  • SG and CM are identified to have adverse effects on the quality-of-life.

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