Effect of diabetes mellitus on the development of left ventricular contractile dysfunction in women with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction

Cardiovascular DiabetologyShi K, Yang MX, Huang S, et al. | September 17, 2021


Analyzing gender-specific differences in left ventricular (LV) structure and function in the context of diabetes mellitus (DM), the existence of greater LV contractile dysfunction was evident in women with DM vs men, this implies that a high risk phenotype of cardiac failure exists in women with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) comorbid with DM, and which may need more aggressive and personalized medical treatment.

  • This study involves 224 patients suffering from HFpEF comorbid with DM.

  • DM prevalence did not differ between genders, and a greater LV mass index despite a similar LV ejection fraction was detected in women with DM vs those without DM.

  • A trend toward a more abnormal LV geometry was observed in women with DM.

  • DM was found to be related to impaired systolic strains in women whereas impaired systolic strains in men were evident in relation to obesity and coronary artery disease.

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