The importance of addressing multiple risk markers in type 2 diabetes: Results from the LEADER and SUSTAIN 6 trials

Diabetes, Obesity and MetabolismZobel EH, von Scholten BJ, Hansen TW, et al. | October 25, 2021


Researchers examined the extent to which improvement in multiple risk marker would confer lowering in risk of cardiovascular and kidney complications in a contemporary type 2 diabetes population.

  • Data from the LEADER (n = 8,638; median follow-up 3.8 years) and SUSTAIN 6 (n = 3,040; median follow-up 2.1 years) cardiovascular outcome trials were analyzed in this post-hoc analysis.

  • Risks of expanded MACE, cardiovascular death and nephropathy were lower for participants with 2, 3 or ≥ 4 improved risk markers vs those with no risk marker improvement.

  • Overall findings emphasize the relevance of multifactorial interventions targeting all risk markers.

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