Influence of fasting glucose level on gastric cancer incidence in a prospective cohort study

Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & PreventionTran TT, Lee J, Gunathilake M, et al. | November 12, 2021


In postmenopausal women, a high fasting glucose confers risk for developing gastric cancer (GC).

  • A total of 41,837 participants aged 16 and older who took part in health examinations at the National Cancer Center in South Korea from August 2002 to December 2014, were prospectively analyzed.

  • Participants were followed up until December 2017, and 263 incident GC cases were revealed during the observation period.

  • High fasting glucose was significantly linked with GC incidence among postmenopausal women (hazard ratio HR =1.88).

  • In participants who were nonsmokers (HR=1.89), had a BMI<25 kg/m 2 (HR=1.45), and did not have a first-degree family history of GC (HR=1.45), there was a significant link between high fasting glucose and GC incidence.

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