Effects of canagliflozin on NT-proBNP stratified by left ventricular diastolic function in patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic heart failure: A sub analysis of the CANDLE trial

Cardiovascular DiabetologyKusunose K, Imai T, Tanaka A, et al. | September 17, 2021


Canagliflozin exhibited a trend of lower NT-pro BNP levels in the subgroup with lower left ventricular (LV) diastolic function compared with glimepiride.

  • According to the findings of this investigation, the positive benefits of canagliflozin treatment may change depending on the severity of LV diastolic dysfunction.

  • In the CANDLE trial, patients (n = 233) were randomly assigned to either an add-on canagliflozin (n = 113) or glimepiride treatment groups (n = 120).

  • The geometric mean change in NT-proBNP level from baseline to 24 weeks in the canagliflozin group was 0.98 and 1.07 in the glimepiride group.

  • The change ratio with canagliflozin/glimepiride was 0.93.

  • The reaction of an increase in NT-proBNP levels was investigated using responder analyses.

  • Although the subgroup analyses for septal annular velocity (SEP-e′) revealed no significant differences in treatment effect, the subgroup with SEP-e′ < 4.7 cm/s revealed a connection with reduced NT-proBNP levels in the canagliflozin group compared with the glimepiride group.

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