Oral calcitriol use, vertebral fractures, and vitamin K in hemodialysis patients: A cross‐sectional study

Journal of Bone and Mineral ResearchFusaro M, Cianciolo G, Tripepi G, et al. | October 12, 2021


Findings demonstrate a significant link between oral calcitriol and lower vertebral fracture (VF) in hemodialysis (HD) patients without an increment in vascular calcification burden.

  • This is a secondary analysis of the Vitamin K Italian (VIKI) study, a cross-sectional study comprising 387 HD patients.

  • Treatment with oral calcitriol was received by 177 of 387 patients (45.7%).

  • Patients taking oral calcitriol had lower prevalence of VF than those untreated (48.6% vs 61.0%), whereas similar presence of aortic and iliac calcifications was evident.

  • Multivariable logistic regression analysis showed a 40.2% decreased odds of fracture (OR 0.598) in relation to treatment with oral calcitriol.

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