Humoral and cellular immune response to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus‐2 vaccination in hemodialysis and kidney transplant patients

NephrologySwai J, Gui M, Long M, et al. | September 14, 2021


Researchers herein described trends of immune response-proportions among end-stage renal disease patients on renal replacement therapy in the Coronavirus disease-2019 vaccination programs.

  • From six online-databases, researchers identified 27 eligible studies describing humoral and cellular immune response proportions for up to 4 weeks post booster-vaccination.

  • These studies involved 2,789 end-stage renal disease patients.

  • Lower proportions of humoral and cellular immune responses were recorded among hemodialysis and kidney transplant patients relative to healthy controls.

  • However, by the fourth week, there appeared an improvement in hemodialysis patients' response proportions, reaching near healthy-control levels.

  • Improvement also occurred in kidney transplant patients' lower responses' proportions but these remained significantly lower than healthy controls throughout 4-weeks.

  • For kidney transplant patients, it might be inadequate to implement the "one-size-fits-all" vaccination scheme.

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