Incidence and remission rates of self-reported hidradenitis suppurativa - A prospective cohort study conducted in Danish blood donors

Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and VenereologyAndersen RK, Loft IC, Hansen T, et al. | December 07, 2021


Findings demonstrate high incidence as well as high remission rates of self-reported HS, suggesting that receiving a diagnosis is unlikely in many with self-reported HS, as they to a higher degree develop mild transient HS symptoms.

  • There exists a large discrepancy between physician-diagnosed and self-reported HS.

  • In this prospective cohort of 23,930 Danish blood donors, the incidence rate of self-reported HS was 10.8/1,000 person-years, reducing as a function of numbers of areas affected.

  • Factors statistically linked with the development of self-reported HS were: female BMI points above 25 (hazard ratio HR=1.11), male BMI points above 25 (HR=1.07) , active smoking (HR=1.72), male gender (HR=0.55) and years of age above 25 (HR=0.97).

  • For self-reported HS, remission rate was estimated to be 256.7/1,000 person-years, decreasing as a function of numbers of affected areas.

  • Factors that significantly impacted the remission rate include: symptoms in ≥3 areas (HR=0.54), active smoking (HR=0.49) and female weight loss (every percentage drop in BMI: HR=1.07).

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