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Resolution of iron deficiency following successful eradication of Helicobacter pylori in children

Acta PediatricaTanous O, Levin C, Suchdev PS, et al. | January 18, 2022


Researchers examined if successful Helicobacter-Pylori (HP) eradication results in resolution of iron deficiency in children, without iron supplementation.

  • Researchers performed a retrospective review of medical records of children diagnosed with HP infection based on endoscopy.

  • A total of 60 children were included (median age 14.8, IQR12.3-16 years; 62% males), 35% of whom had iron deficiency anemia (IDA) while the remaining 65% had non-anemic iron deficiency (NAID).

  • Sixty percent of the patients with iron deficiency (ID) had iron normalization following successful HP eradication, without iron supplementation.

  • HP eradication was followed by an improvement in hemoglobin levels from 12.3g/dL to 13.0g/dL and ferritin levels from 6.3μg/l to 15.1μg/l.

  • Older age was identified to be the only factor linked with resolution of anemia following HP eradication.

  • Overall, successful HP eradication seems valuable for improving iron status among children with refractory NAID or IDA and consideration could be given to screening for HP in the workup of refractory IDA or ID.