Prevalence and prognostic significance of malnutrition risk in patients with acute ischemic stroke: Results from the Third China National Stroke Registry

StrokeZhang G, Pan Y, Zhang R, et al. | October 19, 2021


Chinese patients with acute ischemic stroke (AIS) exhibited a prevalence of moderate or severe malnutrition risk ranging from 1.95% to 5.89%. Prognostic significance of objective malnutrition scores post-AIS is backed by the evidence generated.

  • Among the Third China National Stroke Registry AIS patients, moderate to severe malnutrition risk was found in 5.89%, 5.30%, and 1.95% based on the controlling nutritional status score, geriatric nutritional risk index, and prognostic nutritional index, respectively.

  • Increased risk of long-term death and major disability was evident in relation to malnutrition risk in AIS patients.

  • An improved prediction of long-term poor outcomes was achieved by adding the 3 malnutrition scores to different predicted scales (iScore and Acute Stroke Registry and Analysis of Lausanne).

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