Efficacy of fluorescent microscopy vs modified Fite-Faraco stain in skin biopsy specimens of leprosy cases – A comparative study

International Journal of DermatologyKalagarla S, Alluri R, Saka S, et al. | January 31, 2022


Studies from few centers have indicated that in the diagnosis of leprosy, detection of more acid-fast bacilli (AFB) is made using fluorescent microscopy vs modified Fite-Faraco staining; however, this is sparsely documented. In this work, the sensitivity of fluorescent microscopy and modified Fite-Faraco stain in the detection of Mycobacterium leprae in tissue sections has been studied.

  • Forty patients diagnosed with leprosy using histopathology were recruited.

  • Staining of tissue sections was done by fluorescent stain and modified Fite-Faraco stain and calculation of bacillary index for each case was performed.

  • Findings suggest greater sensitivity of fluorescent staining than modified Fite-Faraco staining in the detection of AFB in tissue sections.

  • The fluorescent staining led to detection of more bacilli per field compared with the modified Fite-Faraco method.

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