CircMMP11 overexpression predicts the poor survival of non-small cell lung cancer and downregulates miR-143 through methylation to suppress cell proliferation

Journal of Cardiothoracic SurgeryChen J, Gong J, et al. | November 11, 2021


Overexpression of circMMP11 (a characterized oncogenic circular RNA in breast cancer) in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) was found in this study. In addition, poor survival in NSCLC was predicted by circMMP11. Downregulation of miR-143 may be brought about by circMMP11 through methylation to suppress cell proliferation.

  • This study included 66 NSCLC patients from whom paired cancer and non-cancer tissues were obtained, and expression of circMMP11 and miR-143 in these tissues were detected, to investigate the involvement of circMMP11 in NSCLC.

  • A close correlation between circMMP11 and miR143 was found.

  • MiR-143 expression was decreased and miR-143 methylation was increased by circMMP11 overexpression in NSCLC cells.

  • The enhancing impacts of circMMP11 overexpression on cell proliferation was reversed by miR-143, as revealed in the CCK-8 assay analysis.

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