Risk of post treatment Lyme disease in patients with ideally-treated early Lyme disease: A prospective cohort study

International Journal of Infectious DiseasesAucott JN, Yang T, Yoon I, et al. | January 24, 2022


Patient-reported symptoms following treatment for B. burgdorferi infection characterize post-treatment Lyme disease (PTLD). Researchers investigated if the likelihood of meeting criteria for PTLD is higher for participants with a history of Lyme disease (LD) vs those without.

  • A total of 234 participants with and 49 participants without prior LD were assessed in this longitudinal, prospective study.

  • Criteria for PTLD were met by 13•7% with a history of prior LD vs 4•1% of those without.

  • There were more symptoms reported on standardized surveys and greater likelihood to meet criteria for PTLD for participants ideally diagnosed and treated for prior LD vs those without.

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