Using dipstick urinalysis to predict development of acute kidney injury in patients with COVID-19

BMC NephrologyMcAdams MC, Li M, Xu P, et al. | February 03, 2022


A common complication reported in patients hospitalized with COVID-19 is acute kidney injury (AKI), due to which they may require renal replacement therapy (RRT). Although dipstick urinalysis is frequently performed, there remains scarcity of data concerning the prognostic value of hematuria and proteinuria for kidney outcomes.

  • A total of 5,980 individuals were included; AKI developed in 829 (13.9%) during admission, and RRT was received by 149 (18.0%) of those with AKI.

  • An increased risk of AKI and RRT was observed in correlation with any degree of proteinuria and hematuria.

  • Findings suggest the utility of proteinuria and hematuria values on dipstick urinalysis in predicting AKI and RRT in hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

  • Using these two readily available values, formulas are derived that may aid prognosticate kidney outcomes in these patients.

  • Furthermore, the accuracy of these formulas improves with the incorporation of CKD or baseline creatinine.

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