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Nut consumption in association with overall mortality and recurrence/disease-specific mortality among long-term breast cancer survivors

International Journal of CancerWang C, Gu K, Wang F, et al. | October 22, 2021


Long-term breast cancer survivors who consumed nuts were shown to have experienced better survival, especially disease-free survival (DFS).

  • Analysis of 3,449 long-term breast cancer survivors from the Shanghai Breast Cancer Survival Study, to assess the links of nut intake (including peanuts and tree nuts), evaluated at 5-year postdiagnosis, with overall survival (OS) and DFS.

  • At 5-year after dietary evaluation (ie, 10-year postdiagnosis), higher OS as well as DFS rates were evident in regular nut consumers.

  • Post-multivariable adjustment, a positive association of nut intake with OS and DFS was evident in a dose-response manner, with hazard ratios of 0.72 for OS and 0.48 for DFS, for those with greater than median nut intake vs nonconsumers.

  • No variation in the links was found by nut type.

  • The links were more obvious in those with a higher total energy intake for OS and in those with early stage (I-II) breast cancers for DFS.

  • There was no impact of estrogen receptor/progesterone receptor status or other known prognostic factors on the observed nut-DFS associations.