Changes in cortisol levels by continuous positive airway pressure in patients with obstructive sleep apnea: Meta‐analysis of 637 individuals

Clinical EndocrinologyKen-Dror G, Fry CH, Murray P, et al. | August 04, 2021


A reduction in cortisol levels and blood pressure results from continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.

  • A meta-analysis of 22 studies (16 prospective cohort studies [n= 385] and six randomized control trials [n = 252]).

  • Participants were between 41-62yr ages with BMI ranging from 27.2-35.1kg/m 2 .

  • Systolic and diastolic blood pressures decreased by 5.4 mmHg and 3.3 mmHg, respectively, due to CPAP treatment.

  • Low inter-study heterogeneity was noted for all studies.

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