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Effect of the duration of previous osteoporosis treatment on the effect of romosozumab treatment

Osteoporosis InternationalTominaga A, Wada K, Okazaki K, et al. | January 24, 2022


Bone resorption is suppressed and bone formation is stimulated in correlation with receiving an anti-sclerostin antibody, romosozumab. Researchers herein examined if the duration of previous treatment with teriparatide, denosumab, or oral bisphosphonates influences the effectiveness of 12 months of romosozumab treatment.

  • Subcutaneous injections of romosozumab (210 mg) were administered every 4 weeks to 259 osteoporosis patients during 2019 and 2020.

  • Depending on the type and duration of previous treatment before starting romosozumab, division of the patients was done into seven groups: non-previous treatment group, change from teriparatide used for 1 year or less/more than 1 year, change from denosumab used for 1 year or less/more than 1 year, and change from oral bisphosphonates used for 1 year or less/more than 1 year. Per findings, the effectiveness of romosozumab appeared to be influenced by the duration of the previous treatment.

  • There was attenuation in the effect of romosozumab in correlation with using denosumab and oral bisphosphonate for more than 1 year.