Associations of body mass index-metabolic phenotypes with cognitive decline in Parkinson disease

European NeurologyZhang L, Gu LY, Dai S, et al. | October 25, 2021


In Parkinson disease (PD), a rapid cognitive decline was observed in the presence of metabolically unhealthy normal weight (MUNW) phenotype.

  • This study involved 139 PD patients who had complete laboratory measurements, demographic and anthropometric parameters at baseline.

  • Patients were divided into 4 different BMI-metabolic status phenotypes based on Adult Treatment Panel-III criteria: (1) MUNW; (2) metabolically unhealthy obesity; (3) metabolically healthy normal weight; and (4) metabolically healthy obesity.

  • More cognitive decline in global cognition and visuospatial perception was found in PD patients in the MUNW group vs those in the other 3 groups.

  • Motor scales did not differ among different BMI-metabolic status phenotypes.

  • Lower CSF Aβ42 and serum neurofilament levels were found in the metabolically healthy obesity group vs the metabolically healthy normal weight group.

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