Proton pump inhibitors are associated with increased risk of psoriasis: A nationwide nested case-control study

DermatologyLi CY, Dai YX, Chang YT, et al. | September 07, 2021


Study of Taiwan National Health Insurance Research Database revealed that proton pump inhibitor (PPI) use might be related to an elevated risk of developing psoriasis or as an epiphenomenon.

  • Patients with PPI use and an incidence of psoriasis (n = 5,756) were allocated to the case cohort and 1:1 matched to controls.

  • A significant link was found between PPI use and psoriasis risk.

  • Relative to PPI nonusers, confounder-adjusted odd ratios (95% confidence interval [CI]) were estimated to be 1.52 (1.31–1.76) and 1.54 (1.22–1.93) for patients with 120–365 cDDDs (cumulative defined daily doses) and >365 cDDDs, respectively.

  • Lansoprazole use (OR, 1.25) was linked with subsequent psoriasis risk.

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