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The "shelf life" of biologics for patients with psoriasis and PsA

JAMA Dermatology | May 19, 2022


Patients with moderate-to-severe PsA who have failed non-biologic therapy are often prescribed biologic agents, including IL-17, TNF, and IL-12/23 inhibitors. This study showed that treatment persistent is short (< 3 years) for all biologics tested and suggest that ongoing treatment of PsA patients may require regular treatment changes.

A total of 6531 patients (mean age, 49.1 years; 54.6% women) with PsA newly-prescribed biologics from the French health insurance scheme database were enrolled and followed prospectively for continued use of the biologic. A TNF, IL-12/23, and IL-17 inhibitor was prescribed to 76.2%, 12.3%, and 11.5% of the PsA patients, respectively.

The 3-year continued biologic agent use (i.e., treatment persistence) among PsA patients was 36.2%. Persistent use of an IL-17 inhibitor was greater than TNF (HR = 0.70) and IL-12/23 inhibitors (HR = 0.69). There was no difference in persistent use between TNF and IL-12/23 inhibitors.