Rapid point-of-care testing for genital tract inflammatory cytokine biomarkers to diagnose asymptomatic sexually transmitted infections and bacterial vaginosis in women: Cost estimation and budget impact analysis

Sexually Transmitted DiseasesKairu A, Masson L, Passmore JA, et al. | February 08, 2022


In settings where only syndromic management is available, it may be valuable to perform screening for genital inflammation that can reveal asymptomatic cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and bacterial vaginosis (BV). In this study, the incremental cost of screening using a new cytokine biomarker rapid test was estimated and the budget impact of providing this service in primary health facilities in South Africa was determined.

  • As per the estimated costs of adding genital inflammation screening to existing family planning services for women (15–49 years) attending 3 different family planning clinics, the incremental cost per woman screened ranged between US $3.19 and US $4.79.

  • Countrywide, the annual scaled-up costs ranged between US $7,245,775 and US $22,212,636.

  • There may be an increase in case detection due to this screening tool, contributing to better STI/BV management and control, in addition to lowering women's risk of HIV acquisition.

  • Affordable implementation could be ensured with the incremental cost estimates.

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