Second-hand smoking, hypertension and cardiovascular risk: Findings from Peru

BMC Cardiovascular DisordersBernabe-Ortiz A, Carrillo-Larco RM, et al. | December 07, 2021


Second-hand smoking was found to be linked with hypertension as well as with cardiovascular risk, and in this study sample, second-hand smoke exposure was admitted by 15% of adults overall with half of them exposed at home. To attenuate cardiovascular risk, smoking-free places must be ensured.

  • In this secondary analysis of a nationally-representative population-based survey, data were studied from 897 persons, mean age: 38.2 (SD: 11.8) years, and 499 (55.7%) females, to estimate the prevalence of second-hand smoking and its link with hypertension and cardiovascular risk in Peru.

  • Any second-hand smoking was reported by 144 (15.5%) participants; 8.7% reporting second-hand smoking at home and 8.3% at work or any other place.

  • Multivariable model showed association of second-hand smoking with hypertension (prevalence ratio= 2.42), with 1.2% higher Framingham cardiovascular risk, and with 0.2% higher 2019 World Health Organization risk score.

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