Midlife suicide: A closer look at risk, causes, and more

Journal of Psychiatric ResearchScott Cunningham MD PhD, et al. | August 08, 2022



Midlife can be a stressful period with the need to balance peak family obligations and the onset of health problems.

Although middle-aged adults (40-65 years of age) account for approximately one-third of the global population, the suicides among middle-age adults account for approximately 50% of global suicides.

The literature search yielded 62 studies involving adults 35-65 years of age who committed suicide.

The pooled risk ratios for midlife suicide were as follows: mood disorders, 12.59; unemployment, 3.91; separation or divorce, 3.18, 2.64, cancer; central nervous system disorder, 2.50, and low income, 2.26.

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