Long term effect of everolimus in recurrent thymic neuroendocrine neoplasia

Clinical EndocrinologyLang M, et al. | August 03, 2021


Long term experience with everolimus, an mTOR-inhibitor, suggests its promising therapeutic benefits for patients with thymic neuroendocrine neoplasia (NEN) at least when given in second line therapy.

  • Four patients (mean age 46 years, range 37-55) with progressing thymic NEN were included.

  • Patients were given everolimus 10 mg/d after failure of at least one previous medical therapy.

  • For a mean of 20.8 months, the disease remained stable.

  • A better outcome was observed in relation to a low Ki-67 index.

  • Stable disease for the longest was achieved with everolimus in 3 out of 4 patients, vs the other non surgical therapies used.

  • No severe side effects occurred.

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