The risk factors of the postoperative poor wound healing in spinal tuberculosis patients: A single center retrospective cohort study

International Wound JournalJiang G, Zhu Y, Zhang M, et al. | February 09, 2022


The risk factors of poor wound healing (PWH) in spinal tuberculosis (STB) patients are investigated.

  • This retrospective study included a total of 232 STB patients who had undergone debridement surgery.

  • PWH was observed in 30 of the 232 patients.

  • Following are identified as independent risk factors for PWH following surgery for STB: pulmonary tuberculosis, long operation time and low postoperative albumin level.

  • Researchers support making efforts to cure pulmonary tuberculosis, control operation time and supervise postoperative serum albumin to lower the risk of PWH among STB patients.

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