SARS-CoV-2 antibody response to 2 or 3 doses of the BNT162b2 vaccine

JAMAFenioux C, Teixeira L, Fourati S, et al. | January 11, 2022


Findings from this research seem to support the administration of a third vaccine dose as a booster dose in patients with active cancer treatment for solid tumors.

  • In this prospective observational cohort analysis of 163 patients (median [range] age, 66 [27-89] years, 86 men [53%]) with solid tumors who received 2 or 3 doses of vaccine, experts sought to evaluate the immune humoral response to 2 or 3 doses of the BNT162b2 (BioNTech; Pfizer) vaccine in patients treated with anticancer agents.

  • At the time of the second vaccination and 28 days after the second vaccination, an anti-S immunoglobulin G titer greater than 1,000 AU/mL was detected in 15% and 65% of patients, respectively.

  • Humoral response reduced 3 months following the second dose.

  • An association was found between treatment type and humoral response; especially, time between vaccine and chemotherapy did not interfere with the humoral response.

  • Reinforcement of immune response by a third vaccine dose was evident in 75% of the patients treated with chemotherapy or targeted therapy presenting a weak humoral response after the second dose.

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