Evaluation of COVID-19 mortality and adverse outcomes in US patients with or without cancer

JAMAChavez-MacGregor M, Lei X, Zhao H, et al. | January 24, 2022


Patients with COVID-19 with or without cancer were compared with respect to the rates of death, mechanical ventilation, intensive care unit stay, and hospitalization.

  • Using the Optum de-identified COVID-19 electronic health record data set, researchers conducted a cohort study of 507,307 patients with COVID-19.

  • There appeared an increased risk of death, intensive care unit admission, and hospitalization among patients with cancer who received anticancer treatment within 3 months before COVID-19 diagnosis.

  • Similar or better outcomes were recorded for patients without recent cancer treatment when compared with patients without cancer.

  • Based on the results of this study, risk stratification and resource use planning could be done which represent the unprecedented challenges currently being experienced by patients, clinicians, and health care systems.

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