Clinical outcomes among patients with 1-year survival following intensive care unit treatment for COVID-19

JAMAHeesakkers H, van der Hoeven JG, Corsten S, et al. | January 26, 2022


Patients who survived intensive care unit (ICU) treatment for COVID-19 are examined at 1-year for their outcomes.

  • Researchers conducted an exploratory prospective multicenter cohort study in ICUs of 11 Dutch hospitals including 246 patients who were alive 1 year following ICU treatment for COVID-19.

  • Of the patients, 74.3% reported physical symptoms (frailty [Clinical Frailty Scale score ≥ 5], fatigue [Checklist Individual Strength—fatigue subscale score ≥ 27], physical problems), 26.2% reported mental symptoms (anxiety [Hospital Anxiety and Depression {HADS} subscale score ≥ 8], depression [HADS subscale score ≥ 8], posttraumatic stress disorder [mean Impact of Event Scale score ≥ 1.75]), and 16.2% reported cognitive symptoms (Cognitive Failure Questionnaire—14 score ≥ 43) 1 year after ICU treatment.

  • Overall findings suggest a common occurrence of physical, mental, and cognitive symptoms 1 year after ICU treatment for COVID-19.

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