Antiplatelet therapy and outcome in COVID-19: The Health Outcome Predictive Evaluation Registry

HeartSantoro F, Nuñez-Gil IJ, Vitale E, et al. | October 07, 2021


During COVID-19 hospitalization, antiplatelet therapy (APT) administration could lead to a lower mortality risk and shorter duration of mechanical ventilation, without increase in the risk of bleeding.

  • A multicenter international prospective registry (Health Outcome Predictive Evaluation-COVID-19 Registry) included 7,824 consecutive patients with COVID-19.

  • During hospitalization, 730 (9%) patients were administered single APT (93%, n=680) or dual APT (7%, n=50).

  • Those who received APT exhibited no differences in terms of in-hospital mortality, requirement for invasive ventilation, embolic events and bleeding, but were found to have shorter duration of mechanical ventilation.

  • Multivariable analysis revealed lower mortality risk in relation to in-hospital APT use (relative risk 0.39).

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