Predicting hospital mortality in COVID‐19 hemodialysis patients with developed scores

Seminars in DialysisSevinc C, Demirci R, Timur O, et al. | August 04, 2021


In COVID‐19 hemodialysis patients, the risk of developing critical illness can be estimated using various risk scores such as COVID-GRAM Critical Illness Risk Score (COVID-GRAM), quick COVID-19 Severity Index (qCSI), and systemic immune-inflammation index (SII).

  • A composition of admission to the ICU, invasive ventilation, or death described critical illness.

  • Mortality in HD patients could be reduced by estimating the risk of critical illness.

  • There is 13.8 times increased need for ICU and 21.3 times increased mortality when the qCSI is over 6.5.

  • The ICU need increased 14.7 times and the mortality increased 33.7 times when the COVID-GRAM score is > 157.

  • SII score of > 1,145 is linked with 4.2 times increased necessity for ICU and 3.1 times increased mortality. .

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