A multi-center, prospective, observational-cohort controlled study of clinical outcomes following COVID-19 convalescent plasma therapy in hospitalized COVID-19 patients

Clinical Infectious DiseasesChauhan L, Pattee J, Ford J, et al. | September 23, 2021


No significant improvement in patient hospitalization length of stay or inpatient mortality was conferred by treatment with COVID19 convalescent plasma (CCP) in hospitalized COVID19 patients.

  • This prospective, observational multicenter trial included hospitalized COVID19 patients treated with CCP and those not treated with CCP.

  • Overall 468 hospitalized COVID19 cases were entered into propensity score matching with 188 patients matched for assessment in the CCP-treatment and control arms.

  • CCP-treated patients were found to have increased length of hospital stay and no change in inpatient mortality relative to controls.

  • Subgroup study of CCP-administered patients within 7 days of admission revealed no difference in length of hospitalization and inpatient mortality.

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