Prevalence of vitiligo among adults in the United States

JAMAGandhi K, Ezzedine K, Anastassopoulos KP, et al. | January 21, 2022


Among adults in the US, prevalence of overall (diagnosed and undiagnosed combined) vitiligo was estimated to be between 0.76% (1.9 million cases in 2020) and 1.11% (2.8 million cases in 2020) in this current population-based study. In addition, findings indicate that about 40% of adult vitiligo in the US may be undiagnosed.

  • This cross-sectional, population-based online survey study of more than 40 000 adults in the US was conducted between December 2019 and March 2020, to estimate the point prevalence of vitiligo in the US.

  • Prevalence of self-reported vitiligo was estimated to be 1.38%, with 0.77% for diagnosed and 0.61% for undiagnosed.

  • On the basis of dermatologist review of 113 photographs of participants with self-reported vitiligo, clinician-adjudicated vitiligo prevalence (sensitivity bounds) was estimated to be 0.76%, with 0.46% for diagnosed and 0.29% for undiagnosed.

  • The prevalence of self-reported nonsegmental vitiligo was 0.77%, with 0.48% for diagnosed and 0.29% for undiagnosed.

  • Prevalence of clinician-adjudicated nonsegmental vitiligo was estimated to be 0.58%, with 0.37% for diagnosed and 0.21% for undiagnosed.

  • For segmental vitiligo, self-reported prevalence was 0.61% (0.28% for diagnosed and 0.33% for undiagnosed), and clinician-adjudicated prevalence was 0.18% (0.09% for diagnosed and 0.08% for undiagnosed).

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