Genetic Analysis of Children With Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) and Migraines

Sponsored by Medical College of Wisconsin

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The purpose of this study is to determine if there are genetic variations that can explain a genetic basis for cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS), various phenotypes of CVS (e.g. menstrual, Sato, calendar-tied) and migraine headaches (e.g. with aura, without aura, hemiplegic migraine). This information will allow physicians to improve care for patients who have been diagnosed with this disease and to provide their parents with more complete information regarding the cause of this disease. This research is being done because many unanswered questions remain regarding children with CVS.

Study Start Date: January 2008

Estimated Completion Date: December 2019

Specialties: Pediatrics: Basic Science/Genetics,Pediatric Neurology,Pediatric Radiology,Peds Gastroenterology Neurology: Headache Gastroenterology: GI Motility Radiology: Basic Science


No interventions cited

Inclusion criteria

  • Subjects age 0-21 years old with CVS (different phenotypes). Each patient's authorized legal guardian must understand the nature of the study and must provide written informed consent

Exclusion criteria

  • Subjects age > 22 years old Vomiting is not due to CVS or other related condition

Study Locations And Contact Information

  • Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Wisconsin
    Contact: B Li MD 414-266-3690
  • Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Wisconsin

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