Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics: Alternatives to Amyloid 2021


Developing effective therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease has proven to be challenging and with the FDA’s recent delay of Aducanumab’s approval process, there are still no approved disease-modifying therapeutics for this devastating neurodegenerative disorder. The results from targeting amyloid as a disease driver — which at best can be viewed as mixed, and at worst as disappointing — highlight the importance of identifying alternative drug targets. In addition, there is great need for developing new tools for early detection and prediction of disease onset. This one-day symposium, presented by Brain and Behavior Discussion Group, will feature the latest research on topics including neurogenesis, neuroprotection, lifestyle factors, and brain-peripheral organ interaction, with an emphasis on showcasing promising avenues for therapeutic development in AD.


December 3, 2021


Virtual Conference